WOMEN’S DAY! A day marked for every women around the globe to Celebrate her individual self. Well, we women don’t really need a specific day to Celebrate our-selves.. But, if its being offered we can anyway make it special.

Its not just the Diamonds that happen to be a Women’s best friend, that’s only when you can afford it. Then what are our life long companions? The one that stays with us, makes us look & feel pretty like the diamond, & also without burning a hole in the pockets. Of course its the Fashion! The Style! The Trends!

The Fashion that brings out your personality. Styles that makes you feel like yourself & move around in confidence. Trends that helps you experiment with the up-coming Fashion & your personal Style.

But its hard to believe that Women are still expected to abide by certain norms of society, be it in their professional or personal lives. Respect & Appreciation is what every women would constantly expect, & ironically that is what really lacks for them in this m en oriented world.

We explore the sentiments of everyday women & their style mantra, whether to conform or break the rules. ‘Coz all we can do to enhance the beauty of the strongest & the prettiest creature on this planet is to pamper them with a doze of Fashion from the newest collection from ALL ABOUT ME .

Share your views and join the conversation with comments below using #AllAboutYourStyle.

This Women’s Week, it’s All About You!





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