The one thing every human society has in common is MARRIAGE. And the marriage traditions differ greatly between country, religion & cultures. But there some are bizarre thoughts about marriage that even Cupid would be surprised to discover.

They say you can’t really be happy if you don’t marry at a certain age. Or, if you are a Manglik you have to marry a tree before you marry your groom. Being this forward in so many fields, the idea of marriage still comes with these funny thoughts & funnier rituals to follow. Do we really need these?

Yes ofcourse Marriage is important. To some people its the most special relationship & source of happiness, & to others its just the extra years of life. And I don’t think age could really matter in here. If you just love someone, NOW is the right time.

I personally would be more excited about the fact that I can enjoy so many people around me, wear the best fashionable outfits & look my best on my wedding day. But not really happy about sacrificing my life & my dreams for people whom i just met, only because I am a woman & there’s a belief that I am supposed to do this.

Yes, Marriage is heavenly! It has love, unparalleled joy & the immense satisfaction one can expect from life. But, We Women will have it all when we want to, Coz its All About Us.

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Marriage actually comes later, what comes before is your career, your dreams, your goals… YOUR ASPIRATIONS.

Isn’t it much more important to work for what you love, for your passion & live a happy and peaceful life rather than wasting time after finding the right match for you. I don’t deny the fact that we all need a partner in our lifetime, but that is only going to happen when it’s meant to.

The days are gone when women were just meant to cook Rotis & feed their husbands. Infact, A Women who works for herself & has the ability to feed herself & create her own lifestyle, deserve much more respect.

Follow your Heart & do what you want!

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