Fashion is beautiful in any form and currently I have been observing the boho vibes to be at its peak….

Agree, dear Fashionistic pals??

Bohemian Fashion is fusing with the most popular trends to create exciting new styles. Call it an effect of the shift in global consciousness or the gypsy revival, the fashion world is witnessing bohemian bonanza. The boho chic moment – defined by a marriage of colourful folk-inspired elements with simple modern pieces – is storming the ramps and the high street with zeal and modern updates.

So, why not turn these western Bohemian vibes into the some Indian Banjaran vibes!!

Hence, here is a story, where the hottest trend of this season – the HIGH SLIT LONG TOPS, is preferably teamed with shorts, pants, leggings, palazzos and what not. Why does it all have to be this western? Why not an Indian touch to it! How about adding a Patiala bottom to it and not feel bohemian, but a Banjaran! I would certainly love being called this way. The word Banjaran itself has so much character to it.

The wild, colourful and free-spirited soul is the banjaran. She is so fierce, soulful, passionate, and wild at heart, never staying in one place, always looking for new horizons.

The High Slit Long tops are simplest in its form. But still, they are ‘YOU-CANT-MISS-THIS’ kind of trends. It makes you look slimmer, leaner and taller at times. You can find some of the sassiest colour to it and the coolest to the most mesmerising prints on it. But, when observed people team it with the all-time jean shorts, trousers, palazzos and all things western. All I wanted to do was to take this simply unique piece of fashion, a level higher and show you guys how it can be so Indian if you wish to. Ahhaannn, rather “Vish” to! Haha!!

I personally feel teaming my grey melange high waist slit top from SHOPSNOB.COM with a bright pink Patiala is giving me a very bold look. Firstly the colour play is fantastic. The bright with neutrals are always 100 on 1oo! And ofcourse, is a Banjaran look complete without jewel junkies?! I am out once again with my love for the antique oxidised jewellery. This kind of jewelry gives a new definition to the whole look. Also those Silver kadas.

The banjarans are wandress and nothing can stop them. Not even wandering without a pair of footwear could hinder the thoughts. And so I decided to skip them.












For people who want to stay away from the heavy junkie jewelry could look as chic. Opting for a minimalistic approach can never harm anyone. Be as boho with the High Slit long top and the Patiala, and just go for a trendy drusy stone earring with tassel details. The one I am wearing is from AYHUS.COM. Aren’t they simply looking glamorous with the whole thing? Complete the look with a gold base wedge and feel like an Urban Banjaran.

Coming up with many more happening fashion stories. #Excitedenough

Stay tuned!










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