Hey Dear Fashion Maniacs,
Skirts have ruled this year’s fashion season and is still on
with its magic. Its high time all you fashionistas invest in some classic Box
Pleated Skirts. Along with the wearable pastels & updated oxfords, pretty
pleated skirts are all over the runway. But they aren’t a trend just for this
season- pleated skirts are a true classic that helped create memorable moments
in some of our favourite films of the past. These timeless skirts never go out
of style.
The pleated skirt is a regular hit on the fashion barometer
& this season is no exception as it taps into the monsoon’s mood for
romance. A proven wardrobe staple, the trick to pleats is knowing which style
will suit you best.
Moreover, Fashion’s ongoing love affair with floral prints
continues with a myriad of designers offering up their take in the iconic
pattern. Be prepared to embrace your inner lady with floral print skirts. This
time it comes in soft pastel colours and vibrant hues. Florals are all about
having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of Season. Perhaps
this is why the floral trend is one that just won’t go ways.
Today, what I have for you guys is this Shocking Pink round
neck crop top from KOOVS.COM with decent cap sleeves. It is teamed with this
poppy printed Box pleat skirt, I designed. There is a burst of colours in here
with a mixture of light pastels to it, on a subtle white base. I just love how
the pink crop top adds a shock of colours to the whole look. I like how the
minty green is peeking around all over the skirt and then I chose this sparking
minty bauble from PIPABELLA. The pretty bauble on the pink base looks
mesmerising. Adding another minty hue with the cute sling from VERO MODA and that’s
quite a colour co-ordination done. Keeping it neutral at the end with a Nude
Wedge is so my style!
So People, when looking to create an outfit that is either
comfortable and a casual or very feminine and dressy, be sure to consider the
pleated skirt. Because there are so many ways to wear the pleated skirt, finding
the perfect style to complement any wardrobe is easy.
Keeping a few fashion tips in mind when creating new pleated
skirt inspired looks will help you find a style that works for you.
Because women come in all shapes and sizes, it is a good
idea to play up those body parts that are seen as strengths.
Rectangular Shape: Pleated skirts add bulk, they
are better suited for thinner body.
Inverted Triangular Shape: Pleats help to
balance out her small bottom half.
Pear & Apple Shape: Avoid wearing pleated
skirts to prevent attention being drawn to the wider bottom half.
Choose a well-planned colour scheme to make the
outfit look co-ordinated, neat and stylish.
Wool. Silks or blends are smart choices for
winter as they van keep you warm, while linen, cotton, chiffon are good options
for summers.
Style it with basic Tank Tops & Camis or
layer Cardigan over a fitted top.
I hope this helps, Ladies. See you soon with some more
interesting fashion stories.
Stay tuned.












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