Those hazy, lazy days of summer can make a business suit feel as comfortable as a suit of Armor. Fortunately, you can make a professional statement and still beat the heat with this look I have for you.

Whether you work at a creative company or in a corporate environment, you need an office-appropriate dress that will get you through your 9-to-5 in style. Fold away your vintage frocks and look for structured sheaths

The more you put your time in at the office, the more you come to realize how invaluable the perfect sheath dress is. There’s nothing better than waking up, engaging in your morning hair and makeup routine, throwing on one item of clothing, and walking out the door just like that.

At the moment, I love the flattering and exciting designs by STALKBUYLOVE.COM for comfort and great silhouettes at uber-affordable prices.

Well, here is one such smashing Office Fashion look I created for you with STALK.BUY.LOVE. I am a complete sucker for sheath dresses, especially when it comes to Office Fashion. Its gives the right amount of corporate feel & a touch of oomph with the figure hugging silhouette.

This particular Stalk.Buy.Love dress in Black is simply perfect for your 9 to 5 look. The fabric is stretchy & gives your skin that space it needs to breath. I love the White Collar & Cuff detailing. It give a lot of character to the dress. You could add a glam touch with a cool Collar pin or also add cufflinks for that matter.









Also, an office look isn’t complete without that perfect, stylish bag. This exquisite looking Red Bag fro. STALKBUYLOVE.COM is beautifully accentuating my office look with my Red INTOTO heels.


Well, I am sure guys have certainly loved this look & you need to be aware about the fabulous collections from STALKBUYLOVE.

Here I give you 5 reasons why you should be an absolute stalker of STALKBUYLOVE.COM

  1. They have the best of varieties & trendy clothes that can help you upgrade your closet & be a fashionista. From Pencil Skirts to Slip Dresses to Cold-Shoulder Tops & the Chicest Bags, SBL got them all.
  2. The Quality is unbeatable. They source the best of fabrics & strive to maintain the product quality to its best. It’s almost more than 6 months that I have been grabbing their trendiest fashion & not a single complaint yet.
  3. They have amazing size variations available, ranging from 2XS to 2XL. Now that’s a fabulous deal. You don’t need to worry about being too thin or petite or too fat. They have it all for you in all their fashionable styles.
  4. Such stylish outfits at such unbelievable prices is truly a dream come true. SBL is a one stop destination where you can have all things fashionable without burning a hole in your pockets.
  5. SBL makes it fashionable for the TO-BE-MOMS as well. Yes, you could now be on the top of fashion radar even with that baby bump. They have a complete range of Maternity Fashion for Moms to flaunt their styles.





I hope that convienced you enough to go fill your carts on STALKBUYLOVE.COM & if you are still not doing that, you are surely missing out on major trendy fashion. You don’t really want that, do you?

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See you soon with more fashionable stories.




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