Hello Gorgeous People,

Are you enjoying every bit of this festive season? Well, I come from the Cultural Capital City of Gujarat, so I am enjoying my Navratri Nights thoroughly.

Ofcourse, playing dress up is the most favourite pastime of every fashionista. But after all these fulfilled yet tiresome Garba nights, when you realise the next morning you have to wake to get going for you routine Office jobs or Colleges, you can’t figure out what to wear.

Ladies, always at such situations grab a classic White Shirt & Denims. You can wear them to work, to college, for hangouts or any other big or small occasion. Agree, don’t you??

So, today what I have found you is the smartest shirt I have ever come across. This Shirt is from STALKBUYLOVE.COM. Believe me, if you are a fashion freak & still haven’t come across this amazing clothing website, you at a major loss.

I am a total Stalker for & completely love the variety of products they have. They are up with some unique most designs & I am sure you all can find your head turner piece from their collection.

So, this White shirt is one of my best picks from their collection. It’s both ways – Formal looking as well as it has a touch of informality to it.

Let me show you how you can play with this shirt. Firstly, when you know how in trend the ripped or distressed jeans are, you got to invest in them and wear it this way, how I have. This one is from ONLY, India.

So, coming back to my smart white shirt – if you feel that the shirt is going way too plain for you… add a colourful scarf around the neck and tie a bow. It is going to add some fun colours to your look. Also looks quite different from normal.

You can also try wearing a nice bow tie. This one I am wearing is from SWAVLAMBI – a NGO in Vadodara. Its super chic & eco-friendly, coz it’s made of Jute. Maybe with this bow-tie, try throwing a nice bright coloured blazer. Its gona come out looking like your “TGIF AT OFFICE LOOKS” & that certainly sounds fun to do.

When you are wearing a slightly loose shirt, you have the opportunity to show-off your toned waistline by adding a nice neutral waist belt. It adds a lot more character to the whole look. Throwing your favourite pair of aviators on, makes you look so Travel Ready! Well, at least gives me such a feeling.

So Find out how you like this shirt & do visit to grab one for yourself.

See you next time with other fashion filled stories.

















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