Hello Fashionistas,

So, all geared up to invite the Autumn & Winter in your closet? Tell me how’s Fall Fashion for you?? Dull and Gloomy, coz you have to get all covered up to protect your skin, right?

Doing the same for your feet is a touch job. At least for me it is! The cold winter winds and the harsh sunlight gets my feet all messed up & my heels cracked. Urrrghh!!

But today I have some fashionable solution to this problem. Yaaayyy!!

Here I present to you some trendy footwear from FGALI. It’s an online brand for customized hand painted shoes for all occasions. How cool is that!

Let me tell you what’s so cool about FGALI products.

  • Full of style
  • Quirky Fun Prints
  • Vibrant colours
  • Uber Comfort
  • Feet Protection, coz “BELLIES”
  • Customized Designs

I know it’s difficult to choose one print from such a huge variety they have for you & decide on what you can wear it with. And that where I enter!

Here are my top 5 picks from FGALI range of bellies & I will show you how you can rock it for every occasion.


We all know how difficult it is to move around in heels all day. Those standing pillars of pain can almost kill you by the end of the day! And while you travel, it is very essential to wear your flats & avoid any pain that way.

FGALI has this perfect pair of ANIMAL PRINT bellies for you. Such a print can look so chic when you team it with some solid casuals.

Just have a look at what I did it for you.




You do imagine yourself travelling in such fun footwear, isn’t it??

What next I have for you are these super adorable SpongeBob bellies. I just can’t stop staring at them. They are so cute! Perfect hangout material. Team it with your casual most style. Go for some shorts, a casual t-shirt, a nice handbag and let the SpongeBob bellies do the talking. I am sure your best girl-friend would turn into Miss “J”. HAHAHA!!



Also I think College life is full of rushing around. You have to feel comfortable with your college look. But not always are those slip-ons a cool option. These FGALI Mooch Bellies are some definite cool idea to opt for.

The Black base makes it a safe option & perfect for a routine college fashion. But if you are confused how to move about with this one, I would suggest you to team it with some uber chic dungarees & add a cute backpack to it.  Doesn’t that sound like how a happy-go-lucky girl would dress for her college days?!! That’s how you can be one with FGALI.



Are you wondering if FGALI has some romantic choices for you?? Then you have just arrived at the right place, coz they have it all.

Look at these KISS print bellies. How adorable are they! I know all of you girl are going to prefer some high heel stilettoes for your romantic dinner dates, but that’s too mainstream.

I mean, your man won’t ditch you if go on a date with flats, right? (hahaha) And certainly not if you are wearing these super attractive KISS bellies from FGALI. You have to give it a go. Team it with a solid baby pink skater dress, a clutch bag and some kiss hoops. All of that together is going to make you date so perfect!


date with fgal2i


Now, when FGALI has something for you to travel, to enjoy hangouts, for college days & even for a romantic date… then why not something for a party?!!

Let’s face it, don’t we girls take off those painful heels when we have danced too hard in that rocking DJ party?? But that’s not going to be the same case now. Coz FGALI has the perfect bling-y pair of bellies for you. And what better then bling for a party! Team it with a sequin peplum dress and go for a minimalistic approach by just adding a clutch.

And that’s how you can rock that party with FGALI.


party with fgali


So, I think I have given you guys enough reasons to grab on your own pair of FGALIes, and if you still haven’t you are missing out on some #majortrend.


#staytuned for more such fashion filled stoires.






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