Hello all you Fashion Monomaniacs,
Presenting a new story with a whole new concept of Fashion.
Today we talk about some latest trends that might fall into Resort wear or
Beach Parties or Weddings kind of a category.
Before that, if you didn’t get why LAPIS LAZULI is the
story Title, let me make it easier for you. It’s a name given to a semi-precious
stone that has been priced since antiquity for its intense Blue colour (Azure). Read
further and you can find out what’s so Lapis Lazuli about story.
Resort wear, has its origins in necessity, from a time when
sun-seeking travellers who would take weeks-long holidays needed to switch up
their wardrobes and find garments that were lighter in material, weight and
colour. The wardrobe staples also needed to allow for freer movement and were
easy to care for on the road.
Whether or not your tropical resort has an
official dress code, there’s an unspoken standard of dress for vacation wear.
Leave the tacky Hawaiian. Resort wear has become its own fashion niche, and
looking chic at a resort is practically a whole new seasonal sport.
When packing for vacation, it’s always
wise to at least pack one dress. You never know when the occasion may arise to
dress up for something special. In fact, why just for special occasions, it’s
nice to dress up and look good all the time when on vacation. A maxi dress is
the perfect item to pack because you can wear it by day as a swim cover, while
wearing it at night as a dress for cocktails and dinner. While a regular maxi
dress will work great, you could also try a convertible maxi dress to get the
most mileage out it.
When wedding season is in full swing, our summer wardrobes
are packed with fun and flirty dresses that have gotten us through many events,
but when an invite arrives for a ceremony on the sand, our typical style
staples just wont make the cut. Instead, we’re looking for effortless pieces
that still manage to make us stand out from the crowd… and survive the
For a fun filled beach party or a wedding
party at the beach, be it casual or formal you need something dressier. So go
for fluid fabrics like Silk, Jersey or Chiffon. Solid colours are more formal
than prints. I prefer solids as they are eye catchy as well and there are no
issues with what kind of jewellery could go with solids.
The Maxi dress I have worn comes in a beautiful French Blue
shade from CHEMISTRY. It has got a layer at the front that resembles a flowy “T”
back top with lace details at the hem. I am so fond lace, it makes the look
more romantic and feminine. This particular dress drapes so well at the lower
body and I completely love it.
I teamed it up with Gold Chunky Jewellery.
I think it makes the blue look Elegant in its own way. The
Neckpiece is a gift from Cloth & Jewel Label. While the Gold cuff comes
from VERO MODA. That tiny spiral chain ring is from ACCESSORIES BY NOOPUR. And
my all-time favourite Gold Gladiators rock the whole look. Everything in Gold with
Blue adds so much drama to the final look.
Hope you enjoyed the look.
Keep reading for much, much and much more coming up for all you fashionistas.
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