Hello All you Fashion Addicts,
I am here yet
again with a new story & this time it’s the story of a Wandering Princess!
A free spirited woman getting lost to find herself; the most magical kind of
She was a
Wandress; She travelled the unbeaten road to nowhere only to realise she found
herself on the way.
Fashion has always
been about being what you are & showing confidence in it. Dressing with
confidence is more than wearing the biggest Fashion Labels, it’s about looking
poised & self-assured in all situations. So always feel free to listen to your heart and be your own fashion, coz thats how the Land Of The Free is!!
Well, for this
story I just wanted to be happy about what I was wearing & how I looked and
enjoy it. Such attitude could always add up to a women’s beauty.
Ever since the
Maxi Skirts are in trend I was dying to try them out, but couldn’t really find
something that would just give me a LOVE-AT-FIRST-SIGHT kind of a feeling.
Longer lengths
have been on the rise for several seasons now, & have reached a fever pitch
for summer. The look is both Glamourous & Effortless – A perfect
combination for a season filled with hot evenings & the occasional rain
I love the versatility
of long skirts & the ease with which you can dress them down or amp them up
for a night out.
I got this very
pretty Maxi Skirt which is almost like a Ball Skirt from Faballey, which made
me feel like a princess. It has got this amazing print on the delicate Chiffon
that resembles the Morning Sky. The Cloudy blues creates a story in itself. I
teamed this beauty with a simple black tank top. I chose it to be as simple so
that the skirt won’t lose its aura. Also a lot of friends advised me to team a
white tank rather, but the look could have lost its charm that way. (I feel)
A Free Spirited
look could never be justified without adding junkies to it. I adore this
OH-SO-BOHO neckpiece & also the longer one from Westside
Stores. It takes the look to a whole new level. The Hand Harness & Rings
from New Look are no less.
Well i added those
bunch of roses to give a dash of a bright romantic colour between the blues,
blacks & silvers. I love how the whole look has turned out to be an
amalgamation of a Boho & Romantic hint.
Will be coming up
with many more stories, soon.
Till then – Enjoy!














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