Hey Hey Dazzling Divas,

Are you all geared up for the wedding season? Or still confused about what to wear & how to look OH-SO-TRENDY with your ethnics?

If you just said yes to the second question, then today’s story is going tobe  a saviour for you. So let’s leave the off topic chats behind & jump to what I have for you today.

Saree is the most timeless piece of garment anyone can adorn & make its classicism their own. It has evolved as a fashion statement over the years. But I revamped my saree look with a different drape today & think I quite rocked it. What say?



Well, actually what hinders in deciding for our wedding look with these sarees is what goes with it. Don’t you agree? Happens with me all the time. I am clueless of the jewellery options to go with my outfits & the last minute jewel shopping is a TASK!

And that’s where my story for today starts…

What I wish to introduce to you is an extremely lovely jewellery label called SILVETTE. It offers an endless range of Exquisite Jewellery made of Nature Semi Precious stones that makes you the lady you always longed to be.

So, today I have for you some classic jewellery options you must bang on this wedding season with SILVETTE’s New Collection. For your sarees, going Solid this season is a fashionably correct choice & opting for Grey is going to make you look like a DIVA. DO I LOOK LIKE ONE HERE??

So my first pick from SILVETTE is this absolutely stunning THAIS NECKLACE & the LAM BRACELET. The white semi-precious stone with gold give such a dreamy look. Moreover, it goes perfect with my Cadet Grey Saree. I love how the Necklace is doing all the talking.




I am drooling over this amazing ERGITE EARRING. The tassel inspiration & the shape is just too unique. Believe me, this piece is actually a must buy. The White semi-precious stone is versatile enough to go with any outfit you want.



Not to miss out the gorgeous PAPRIKA RING. I love the colour play happening with those natural stones. And what’s more to love it is that it goes perfectly with my saree. The randomness of shapes here is the beauty.




Next what I am just so loving is the MOLAFE EARRING teamed with EMER RING. You guys are aware of my love towards neutrals & SILVETTE is just enhancing it here. I absolutely love this combination of teaming my Cadet Grey Saree with some semi-precious stone in brown. It is just boosting up the elegance quotient of the look.




But if you are an experimental type, then the CHRYSO NECKLACE is the perfect SILVETTE piece for you. Although it’s a necklace, I decided to wear it as a head-piece. It looks just too dramatic & I love how it screams out to be a statement piece. Again the tassels are making it fun to carry the look.





If you are that delicate soul who still wants to look elegant enough to be noticed at wedding functions, go for the PYRITE NECKLACE & ZOIS-GREY RING. Itss easy to rock the tassel trend anyhow, anywhere.




Being a minimally chic personality, I sometimes wish to go fuss free. And SILVETTE’s AXIN-BLUE BRACELET is just perfect to fulfil such a wish. The colour of the natural stone are just so pretty. Its beauty need no company of other jewels.




And my last (but not the least) favourite is the BELLE HAND-HARNESS teamed with INES EARRINGS. The concept of wearing pink, white & grey has been my all-time favourite & I am glad, with SILVETTE it gets real.



Hope you guy enjoyed all the jewellery options I had to share. You can check WWW.SILVETTE.COM for more such beautiful pieces or click on the product name above to reach to their direct link.

Wish you all find the perfect ensembles to rock this wedding season.

#staytuned for more such stories.








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