For all the people working in the socially accepted 9 to 5 jobs or any other profession, to them Blogging is a past time for girls & (now) guys who are clueless about their career or are just lazy to work. To them, a person who is good looking, has enough money, & can only think of shopping is a Fashion Blogger.
Just like any other discipline, profession or even caste & looks are stereotyped, Fashion Bloggers are stereotyped this way & judged to the core. There is no basic understanding as to what exactly bloggers do & why.

Let me just start by saying this loud & clear – FASHION BLOGGING (or any other blogging field for that matter) IS A FULL-TIME PROFESSION & NOT JUST GIRLS & GUYS POSTING EVERYWHERE WEARING BRANDED CLOTHING. It is disappointing to see where tv commercials, print media promotions & celebrity promotions are accepted to an extent in the society, but blogging which is more or less the same to all these kinds of promotions are judged.
Blogging is just another way for brands & labels to promote themselves on the digital front & reaching a mass audience through the internet. It’s 2017 & from the youngest kid in your family to your 60-year-old uncle & maybe also your grandparents are on the internet. It’s challenging for the fashion brands to reach to their target audience but through blogger, they can easily see their products promoted to a huge number of audience through their followers. Almost all bloggers are influencers but not all influencers are bloggers, & the brands want to use their influence for their product promotions.


Well, It’s not really easy to be a Fashion Blogger. We bloggers are one woman/man army because we are the Model, Stylist, Art Director, Photographer & Videographer (sometimes), Editor, Writer, Marketing Team, Makeup Artist, Social Media Coordinator, PR, Accountant & the list can go on & on. Which field has got these many roles for one single person? It is important to create regular content in order to be a good blogger & also collaborate with brands & label. We have to keep an eye on the zillion number of brands & labels popping each day & deciding how creatively this can be portrayed to the followers in order to trigger sales.

There are “n” number of hardships faced in order to create content for a brand. The one that tops my list of hardships is the outdoor location hunting & shooting on the perfect time to use the best light source. Followed by choosing the right photographer who understands your vision because they are making 70% of the content, souring of outfits & convincing the brand to collaborate with you in the initial stage when you don’t have enough followers. And also, convincing them for a monetary collaboration rather than barter.

Well ofcourse there are some perks too, we bloggers get to try on the brand’s latest collections first & give out our reviews to the followers. We get to attend blogger parties & meetups filled with fun activities, delicious food & lots of goodies. We get to be the face of the brand & represent it to a larger audience. We also get to go on brand getaway shoots to different places in the world & of course the financial benefits. BUT, all of these may differ from blogger to blogger depending on what they have to offer in terms of their followers, reach, engagement on each platform & influential status.

Lastly, I would just want to say that a bloggers life is like an open book, they share almost everything with their virtual family & are always connected to their followers through social media. And everybody who wants to be a Fashion Blogger, there is no rulebook for this profession, it’s about your own self & your own style & how influential you can be.



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