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Back again with a Glam Glam story featuring STALK.BUY.LOVE today.

Welcome to the dark side—bet you didn’t think it would be this glamorous. We’re talking about the lace-dashed, luxed-up goths, where black platforms are the footwear du jour and BDSM-tinged chokers are a staple. And the sensually demonic styles are not coming out of the blue (or the black): Versions of the sassy-meets-gloomy aesthetic, that were a hit back in 2016 & still continue to be our favorite.

To outsiders, the goth scene is all just one big pile of black clothing and heavy makeup. The reality is that, just like any other social group, there are different subsets within the goth culture, each with their own unique looks, personal tastes, and musical choices.

If you ask someone about Gothic fashion, the first words out of their mouth would probably be “black.” While it is true that Goths do love to dress on the darker side of the spectrum, there is so much more to Gothic style than just that. The answer to why they wear so much black is related to the Victorian times, where the elements like ruffled high collars, open lacy sleeves, and stovepipe hats were taken from their mourning times which sometimes ended up for 18 months.

Now that’s a lot of black clothing! Because of these lengthy mourning periods, the Victorians had an “unhealthy” fascination with death. Nevertheless, contemporary Gothic fashion embraced the idea of dressing on the dark side, seeing that style as a statement of the balance of horror and romanticism in life.

Turns out that going goth doesn’t have to be so dreary all the time. And that’s the reason I chose this lovely Black & Black Co-ord set from STALK.BUY.LOVE & thought of doing the Goth inspired Glam look!

I wanted to keep it really simple with dark makeup, knotted hair & a statement Necklace. I think the outfit itself has so much character to it, adding too much could mar the look. Hence, I chose this sexy fringe choker, I got from a local street market & went for deep contouring with dark plum lips & extreme black smoky eyes.

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