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Happy to be back with another story! The summers are ending but I can’t get over my summer wardrobe – filled with fun & colours. (This was just a casual shoot long ago, turned now into a blog story)

One such summer basic this season is the Summer Maxi Dress. In a short span these dresses have shown wonders in the fashion industry & is even doing the same.
Long-time back, the Maxi Dress was considered to be reserved for celebrity’s domain. But, the fashion industry has made remarkable improvement in the recent years & that has changed the complete scenario.
This fashion trend is not meant for a limited people. Everyone has the equal right to be a part of it.
Cherry on the Cake is that these Summer Maxis are very Elegant, Smart, Stylish, Sexy & Stunning.
You just thrown it on with a couple of accessories & you are guaranteed to turn heads. The right Maxi dress is a quick & fashionable answer to a summer wardrobe. It’s easy on pursue & the most comfortable way to look gorgeous this season.
Whether you choose eye-catching prints or solid colours, pair it with long neck charms or chunky neckpieces, top it with a sun hat or oversized sunglasses. You can also keep it cute with those floral circlets. Give it some lift with a wedge heel or keep it down-to-earth with strappy gladiator flats & you are good to go!
Adding bonus – It covers up pretty much any part of you that you just don’t like exposing. A maxi dress would conceal any thigh lump or tummy bump. Add a cardigan if you want to cover flabby arms & just let the hanging line compliment the silhouette of the line.
Talking of how i wore it – it’s a chiffon maxi dress in the fresh shades of blue. I love how the snow white colour at the hem escalates up towards the blues, I wanted to keep it very simple yet fresh & beautiful and so I chose a white stone chunky neacklace from Colaba Causway, Mumbai – to go with it & my favourite HEAD OVER HEELS – WESTSIDE gladiator flats. To keep it adorable enough I had this pretty Floral Circlet from GIGIL – BY PRIYANSHA, who is a young fashion accessory designer (now in Raipur, India). The lavender flowers does complement the whole look.
The elegant Femininity of the maxi dress is what attracts so many women to it: It makes you feel Comfortable, Free & Sexy – all at the same time.
So have a blast this season with this unbelievable fashion trend.
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