Hello all you Lovelies,
I am Back again with one
more story featuring the lovely Clothing label – CLOTH & JEWEL. I know
there is too much “Cloth & Jewel” happening around me, but believe me guys it’s
all worth it. *wink*
Today’s story is about
this vibrant little Lehariya crop top from CLOTH & JEWEL.
is the traditional style of tie dye practiced since ages on the land of colours
with distinctive wave patterns. The technique gets its name from Rajasthani
Word “Lehar” which means “Wave”. Because the dyeing technique is often used to
produce complex wave patterns. This bright art is really popular with chiffon
brigade in Rajasthan, It involves creating rippled, flowing patterns in multi
Lehariya looks really
imperial when it is done on a stylish white background. It has become
tremendously well-liked as part of high-end Asian fashion owing to its
complicated work, stroke of tradition, and glamour touch. The longer this
process takes, the more eye-catching your outfit is! You can match it with a
few junk jewellery and you are all set to look nothing short of the word
Today, it
is a commonplace technique used in Indian wear, especially the 6 yard elegant saris
and dupattas, and has been adapted by several fashion designers on the ramp as
And I am
so happy to discover that Mansi Bhatia (Founder of Cloth & Jewel Label) has
taken this beautiful art to a whole new level by creating chic crop tops out of
it. This is the true amalgamation of Ancient & Modern Fashion.
The Cloth
& Jewel Lehariya Crop Top comes in this Deep Amethyst Colour base, with
diagonal Lehariya wave patterns in a contrast of red, blue, green & yellow.
It has got this Old School Peter Pan collar in a Radiant Green shade, & it
completely balances the colour palette. People with warm skin tone can rock
these colours.
I teamed
this little beauty with a Light Khaki Linen Pant. I feel it was a wise decision
to go for neutral bottoms so that the zesty colours of the crop top stay in the
limelight. I added some more neutral touch with a tan waist belt. Adding some
more accessories to it & making it modish with a gold bling hand cuff &
some casual strappy gold flats. All of these accessories comes from Colaba Causeway
Street, Mumbai. I never miss on street stopping at Colaba!
talking about the cherry on top for this look – the Multi-coloured Traditional
Embroidery Clutch from Kutch, Gujarat. It is a hand embroidered piece by the Innovative
& Spirited Artisans of Kutch Area. I am completely in love with its colours
& patterns. It magically becomes a part of the whole look.
I hope
you have enjoyed the look. You can buy this Crop top from here.
tuned for much more fashion stories coming up.













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