Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Hello Dear Fashion Enthusiasts,


I am Vishwa Bhavsar & it makes me so happy to be finally starting up a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog.

I am Fashion Stylist by Passion & Nature, a Singer by Heart & an Actor by behaviour.

Fashion is not just about what you are wearing, it is about who you are & how you try to describe yourself before talking to people. It is a performance art you have to create by yourself every day. Communication is the most important thing now, but languages sometimes just not enough to explain…. & your look then works.

I’ve taken the plunge into this unknown world of blogging as I love looking at all the new clothes & styles to hit the shops each season & create new looks.

Moreover, I have this urge to promote some upcoming local brands/entrepreneurs & how their products can be used in our daily life.
Also, being a graduate in Fashion Designing, what would be different about my fashion blog is that I shall try to showcase some of my own creations, rather than running behind the brands all the time. (P.S. – THAT’S SOMETIME!!)

So dear pals, if you like my work do comment & follow. I would be glad to share my style tips to you all & also learn from you as well.

You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+

See You All,



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