Hey Girlies,

Tell me, are you kind of a party animal?? Love going to those happening DJ nights & enjoy yourself, no matter what??

Then let me introduce you to this awesome Fashion website THE SHOPPING PALLET. It has some amazing collection not only for you party freaks but all kinds of occasions where you think being fashionable or looking stylish is too hard.  I said that coz THE SHOPPING PALLET has such stylish pieces for you in store, that all you have to do is Let you Clothes do the Talking & you win half the battle!

Let me prove this to you here…

I have my two party picks here from TSP, each suiting a different personality but serves the same purpose.

I chose this very cute Zebra Print Skirt on Neon green base. Its apt for a fun party or night out. Such kind of quirky prints are so much in trend now. You can see them every where. So this is the right time to grab one for yourself. Though Neon is fading away now & is replaced by pastels quite much.. but still retains its character of being a huge fashion trend.

Teaming it up with a black crop top again from TSP is a great idea. You may also want to team it with a white one but that will make it quite reflective. Black looks much more subtle.

I got the perfect pair of earrings from PIPABELLA that goes so well with the whole look. In fact the purple shaded bead to it adds a new definition. Also love how my black & white Zebra print inspired clutch bag from URBAN ETHNICS goes so well with the look. Finishing it up with my all time favorite FOOT IN heels.







Here is my other Party pick from THE SHOPPING PALLET.

How eternal these skirts are! They just fit into any kind of occasion. Look at this Black Georgette Skirt. It has got a kind of Peek-a-boo detailing to it with that see-through kind of fabric texture. Isn’t it making an elegant pair with the Marsala Wrap Crop Top?!

I am drooling over this combination. To make it even more elegant I added that Gold & Grey metallic Neck Chunk from VERO MODA. It just adds a lot more meaning to the look.

Keeping it simple & minimalistic has always been my style. So I ended it with those Gold touch heels from NELL MYNTRA.

This is not it fashionistas, THE SHOPPING PALLET has lot more for you guys.

You can check their Website HERE & also download their App available on GOOGLE & APPLE STORES – HERE.

Also follow TSP on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM to stay updated about the latest fashion buys.

So What kind of a party person are you?? Fun or Elegant??

#Staytuned for many more fun stories coming up your way.











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